About Kennel Nizhoni



What can I say?!....
My name is Iselin Wang, and live on the West coast of Norway, in Os right outside of Bergen.
Kennel Nizhoni my registered breeding prefix, approved of the FCI and the Norwegian KC in May 2007.
My passion is Belgian Shepherds, and in particulary the Tervueren.
I will in my breeding program, strive to produce the best possible dogs.
A versatile dog that's beautiful, social and able to excel in any kind of dogsport.
The first litter of kennel Nizhoni was born in April 2009, and so far, the litter looks good.

I got my first dog, a Tervueren, in 1995 when I was 12 years old,
this was my first "big love" Azar-A'Treve "Trevi. A great dog, but yet a very special one..
He was an excellent start for a young girl, even though I shed both sweat, blood and tears over him...
He was my teacher in life, and what I know about myself today, I can thank him for...
 A very, very kind and gentle dog, but he sure had a mind of his own...
One of the worst days of my life, October 19 2006, was when I had to let him pass on to meet his maker...
(R.I.P. my love.....)

When time went by I decided to get myself a girl,
so that maybe my dream of having a breeding of my own, could come true.
So in June 2006 the little rascal that's sharing my bed, couch, food, car etc.etc.etc. came in to my life.
Her name is Chevy's Kahroma "Roma". She has almost everything I looked for,
and I am forever greatful to Torill at Kennel Chevy,
for showing me the trust of having this amazing girl. Thank you for helping me through all the ups and downs.

Next dog to enter my home was an import, and I am so thankful for the kindness shown me by
Firmin and Paula Aertgeerts of kennel Grimmendans for letting me have the girl of my dreams,
Grimmendans Gigi, a daughter of the fantastic producer Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule
and another wonderful producer Canela de el Segadal.

Thanks to my precious Gigi, I got the chance to meet another beautiful male who would leave an imprint on my
life. The gorgeous Grimmendans Fourlan, he impressed me so much, that I decided to use him for my
first litter...
I believe in keeping the number of dogs to an amount that is possible to live with,
so that each indivdual dog get to be exactly that; an individual..
And my dogs live as pets sharing my home and family.
Showing dogs and doing activites with them is just a bonus,
the real treat is to actually be so lucky as to share my life with them.
So what does the future bring?! More exciting things are happening for us the next year(s),
so please, come back, and stay tuned for more info, as time goes by...
If there's anything you wish to ask me, please don't hesitate and send me an email
Welcome back, and enjoy your stay