Nizhoni's First In Line




Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club, 25.09.2010, judge: Kris Malinowski, UK

"Strong male of good type, good overall headlength, good stop, scull not quite flat,

parallells OK, muzzle a little hocked, mask solid, but a little high,

good dark eye, quite expressive, excellent high set ears of good shape,
OK length, good bone, stand a little wide in forechest, excellent depth of chest,
balanced angles front and rear, would prefer coat color clearer,

good charbonnage, good brisk movement, light movement,
OK front and rear, carries tail a little high"

Very Good Intermediate class

Norsk Terrier Klub, Nesbyen, 01.08.2010, judge: Gunnel Holm, Fin
"Junior male with slightly heavy head and too deep scull,
well set, slightly broad ears, well bodied,
could be better at withers, well angulated,
good coat structure, moves well"

1.EXC Young Class, Honor Prize


Irsk Ulvehundklubb Norge,  Nesbyen, 31.07.2010, judge: Petr Rehanek, CZ
"15 months old dog, Head broad, Eyes dark brown,

Nose straight, Ears well set,
Bite irregular
(Comment; it is level) Chest deep and broad
Back strong and broad, Tail well set, Front and hind angulations well angulated,
Regular movement, Very nice coat,
Very good"

Very Good Young Class


Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club, Hemsedal, 22.05.2010, judge: Firmin Aertgeerts, B
"13 months, complete pincer bite, medium size male,
nose could be straighter, Good stop with round scull,
good mask and pigmentation, dark eyes in almond, little ears,
well set, good body, very good croup, good angulations rear and front,
very good bonestructure, stands a little wide in front,
good coattexture and color, good developement of chest,
Good movement, close in rear and turns ebows out in front when running"

4.EXC Young Class