Grimmendans Gigi




16.09.2012 - Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club, Stavanger, Judge: Dyllis Knight (UK)
"4,5 years. Medium sized. Beautiful outline. Beautiful head and expression. Good chiseling. Good parallels.
Just scissorbite, full dentition. Correct eyeshape and colour. Correct earset and placement.
Beautiful arched neck and defined withers. Short level topline and rounded croup.
Good angulations in both ends. Deep chest. Good bone. Good front. Neat feet.
Red bitch, excellent coat and condition. Movement fluid and effortless"
EXC.1 Champion class, CK and BEST FEMALE!!! :)


17.05.2012 - Swedish Belgian Shepherd Club, Ivö, Judge: Linda Lester (UK)
"Classic head and expression. Medium long head with good plains, Excellent chiselling.
Gorgeous eye and expression. Tall ears, set and used well. Good split of lip.
Excellent neck, withers and topline. Good front and rear angulation.
Excellent length of leg. Good depth of chest. Sound front and rear, good sidegait.
Harmonious outline."
Exc.1 Champion class, CK, BEST FEMALE, BOB, BIS-CHAMPION & BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

18.04.2010 Norwegian Kennel Club, judge: Per Kr. Andersen (N)
"Excellent type, Feminine. Beautiful Head with correct bite and lines. Dark eyes. Very good neck
and topline. Correct tail. Sufficient front, Good chest. Correct angulations, moves freely with
good stride. Very open and friendly, not in optimal coat today."





 07.03.2010 Nordhordland Hundeklubb, judge: Jeff Luscott (GB)
"Excellent type, balance and shape. Love the head and expression. Alert and attentive.
Good through body, chest and topline. Has balanceed front and rear angulation.
Showing well and moving with the style required."

1.EXC Open class, BEST FEMALE, CAC, BOB 



07.11.09, Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb, judge: Elina Haapaniemi (FI)

"23 months old female who has excellent proportions. Beautiful type.
Needs more confidence. Head has good lines and medium length.
Correct bite, nice dark eyes. wellplaced, slightly large ears.
Slightly low mask. Good neck and withers.
Typical angulations front and rear. Moves with drive.
Needs to settle in front. Good colour."

EXC.1 Interm.Class, HP




27.09.09, Bergen Selskaps og Brukshundklubb, judge: Brenda Banbury (UK)

"Good head planes, mask to the eye, ears dark and close, slightly large,
arched neck, good length of legs, overall balanced"

EXC.1 Interm. Class, CK, 2nd best female


26.09.09, Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club,  judge: Laura Vassallo (IT)

"21 months, complett scissor bite, typical female, red with enough overlay for age
and enough mask, Expressive head, Flat forehead, correct stop and muzzle, well chiseled,
almond dark eyes, well set longish ears, good pigmentation, good reach of neck, excellent withers,

excellent topline, correct croup, well angulated rear, medium in front, good bone, slightly narrow forechest,
chest of good depth, square in body, excellent movement, tail well set and carried, nice temperament,
Excellent Presentation"

EXC.1 Interm. Class, CK, CAC, 2nd best female



01.05.09, Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club,  judge: Paul Lawless (IR)


 "16 months old, nice type, good scissors bite, good headplains, nice dark eye,

ears well placed, a little tall, good reach of neck, good topline but a touch long in back,

good bone, forechest needs development, moves irregular, excellent temperament"


EXC.1 Interm.Class, CK, 4th Best Female



01.03.09 Nordhordland Hundeklubb, Judge: Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist (S)

"Exc. type, feminine, beautiful head and silhouette, exc. proportions,

exc. bone, nice feet, well angulated, moves with characteristic stride, exc. coat, manageable."


1.Exc Young class, R.CAC, 2nd best female