Pictures of Nizhoni's "FIRST" litter
NL Ch BDSG-08 Grimmendans Fourlan x R.H. N UCh Chevy's Kahroma

Puppies 1  week
Puppies 2 weeks
Puppies 3 weeks
Puppies 4 weeks
Puppies 5 weeks (Picasa album, with all pups together as well, opens a new window)
Puppies 6 weeks
Puppies 7 weeks
Puppies almost 8 weeks 13.06.09 (except Black boy & Pink girl who already left that day)
Videos of the pups:

Tervueren puppies, almost 7 weeks. from Eli Andrea Foss Baldersheim on Vimeo.




Some pictures of the pups together:
Puppies enjoying the sun 16./17.05.2009:
Pink girl & Black boy Orange girl & Blue boy
Pink girl terrorizing her brothers ;) Black boy Pink girl Pink girl & Roma
Roma & Pink girl Yellow girl tired Yellow girl & Red boy
Puppies having their first meal, 19 days old, 09.05.2009:

Pink girl checking the food out    "Hey, don't sneak"
Black boy after eating his first real meal    Yellow girl tired and clean again after her first "real meal"