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We like to welcome our new arrival, Chatmar First Ice Breaker, a lovely little boy with an interesting pedigree for the future.
He will be owned by Alyn Johansen, kennel Kvina and Iselin Wang, kennel Nizhoni
We would like to thank Cath Bond and Mac McCarthy for entrusting us with this little jewel.


Also LOTS of pictures from our trip to the UK




New pictures of Nizhoni's First Class Hero, who has come back to stay with us temporarily.
He will be rehomed shortly.





New pictures of Nizhoni's My First Pepsi


Some new pics of Grimmendans Gigi and Chevy's Kahroma


New link to:
Kennel Glimbi (DK) (home of Grimmendans Ginger)




Something exciting is brewing... time will tell how this will end....



New pics of Stellar, Nizhoni's Me First


New link to:
Loups du Mousette (IT)

Von Saint Augustinus (IT)





On saturday 07.11 we went to Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb, for judge Elina Haapaniemi:
NorwCh Chevy's Kahroma Exc. 2 Champion Class, CK and 2nd Best Female

Grimmendans Gigi Exc. 1 Intermediate Class, HP

Critiques on their respective pages.


New pictures of Nizhoni's First In Line and Nizhoni's First Born Barbie, together.






New pics of Nizhoni's First Class Hero "Loke"


New link:
kennel Duvel, (F)




New pics of the beautiful Nizhoni's First Born Barbie

Thank you Alyn!


Link to:
Aragon von Wildweibchenstein (D)




New pictures added of Nizhoni's First In Line "Bravo"


Also a new headshot of Chevy's Kahroma who is 3,5 years today



Added a video clip of Stellar and Pat doing some basic training at an agility trial... :)
Also added a critique from his SAR evaluation




English version of the mentaldescription for Chevy's Kahroma and Grimmendans Gigi





New pics of the gorgeous Stellar, Nizhoni's Me First
Thank you so much, Linda Collins, Sophie Jouannet and Karen P. Johnson, for the pictures!!!




Check out puppy plans... Some exciting news for the future!!!


Congratulations to Pat and Sheila with Nizhoni's Me First, who was Best In Specialty Show puppy!!!!
You make me so proud!!! New pics hopefully coming soon!



New link to:
Grimmendans Gabor (D)




We have had a very nice weekend with double show in Bergen.
26.09.09 was Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Clubs avd. Hordaland regional specialty.
Judge: Laura Vassallo
Result puppies:
Best Male, BOS, Nizhoni's First In Line male Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk

Best Female, BOB, 2.BIS-puppy Nizhoni's First Love female Nizhoni's First Born Barbie

Grimmendans Gigi, EXC.1 Interm. Class, CK, CAC, 2.Best Female (behind Roma's lovely mom, Ch. Corsini Tarantella)

27.09.09 Bergen Selskaps og Brukshundklubb
Judge: Brenda Banbury
BOB-puppy Nizhoni's First Love


Grimmendans Gigi, EXC.1 Interm.Class, CK, 2.Best Female (congratulations to Rainbows End's Breedie that finally got her last CAC for her champion title)


All in all, a  great weekend with both great results and lovey visitors :)



Fauve Art
has one beautiful boy left for sale, check out PUPPIES




GREAT NEWS: Grimmendans Gigi is HD-A ED-0/0


New pic of Nizhoni's Me First




New pics of Nizhoni's My First Pepsi





Added pics of Grimmendans Gigi doing her mentaldescription- Thank you Freddy Bukkøy for the pictures.
Unfortunately no pics of Chevy's Kahroma (that's it for coming early.... lol...)


New dog in the Gallery:
Biss vom Johannisbach (G)


Updated pics in the Gallery of:
A-Te-Ells Monsieur Pascha (G)

A-Te-Ells Monsieur Virus Niger (G)




Roma has been selected for a new title at the Norwegian Breed Club,
she is now: R.H. N UCh Chevy's Kahroma. The RH title means Recommended Dog / Rekommendert Hund.
Thank you!!!


New pictures of
Nizhoni's First In Line

Nizhoni's First Born Barbie


Kennel Fauve Art still has a few puppies for sale


We have moved to a new house, so our home address is changed.
Check out Contact for the new information.




Chevy's Kahroma and Grimmendans Gigi has gone their mentaldescriptions (MH) today.
Results from this is here, note that all is in Norwegian, so if you want an explanation in english,
please contact me by email:





Today Nizhoni's My First Pepsi was at her first Puppy Show at Hønefoss Hundeklubb, she was BOB!!!
Congratulations to Hege & Pepsi for a very nice first outing !!! Best of luck in the future!!!!


New pics of:
Nizhoni's My First Pepsi

Nizhoni's First Love


New link to:
Vivien Heyer, Asco & Apollo von der Burg Nassau (D)





Some new pics of the beautiful Nizhoni's Me First, also together with his new norwegian friend Daring Devil av Vikholmen




We had a nice visit from Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk, and got to take some new pics of him. Check out his page






Check Puppy page, our friends at kennel Fauve Art has some promising boys for sale.


New pics of Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk


New link to: Del Fiammingo Tervueren (I)





New pics of Nizhoni's First In Line and First Born Barbie




New pics of Nizhoni's Me First




New pics of Nizhoni's First Love




Some new pics of Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk




Updated health status on Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk




Some new pics of: Nizhoni's Me First, My First Pepsi, First Born Barbie, First Class Hero and First In Line


Nizhoni's Me First in USA was at a puppy show right after our last update, and he became Best of Breed and 2nd Best in Group, only 12 weeks old!!!!
Congratulations to Pat Morgan and Sheila Walker!!! Way to go!!!





Some new pics of Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk and My First Pepsi


New link: Kitou de la Ferme Farouche (N)




The last boy has now gone to his new home in the USA, best of luck to Pat Morgan, Winjammer kennel & Sheila Walker, with Nizhoni's Me First
Feedbacks from all the puppies in their new homes, are great :)

New pics: Nizhoni's First In Line, First Love, First Class Hero, First Born Barbie and Me First





New links: Randi Anglevik & her beautiful tervueren boys (N)
               kennel Erlebecken (Grethe Blindheim) (S)




Only one puppy left to go to his new home, and the others are well settled in their new homes.
Feedbacks are nice... I guess there's a couple of handfuls out there ;)
New pages for: N. First Born Barbie, Me First, My First Pepsi

New pics: N. First In Line, First Love, Me First and First Born Barbie


Puppies from our friends at Kennel Fauve Art


New link: Champs Du Trefle (N)




The puppies has started to move to their new homes.
New pages for; N. First In Line, First Class Hero, First Incredible Hulk and First Love

also new (almost) 8 weeks pics of all except Black and Pink who left that day.




Yesterday all the pups went to the Vet. And all puppies are very healthy, and the Vet was very happy with them all.
They charmed every single person in the clinic, but who can resist a lovely tervueren puppy ;)

Pups are now vaccinated and microchipped.


New pictures of the puppies 7 weeks

also a video as well. Thank you Eli Andrea


New dogs under "Dogs"

Litterpage updated




Due to a cancellation we have 1 male puppy for sale.


New pictures of the puppies 6 weeks




I am so sorry... Puppies take so much time, so new updates come a little late.
I made a Picasa album now, since there were so many pics of the pups at 5 weeks,

thanks also to Eli Andrea Foss Baldersheim, for sharing some from her visit.

New pictures of the puppies 5 weeks - in addition to this, I have 2 little videos as well.



Also 2 new headshots of my sweet Grimmendans Gigi on her page


New link: Kennel Hexen House (S)




New pictures of the puppies 4 weeks.
Both individual and pictures of them enjoying "outside life".




New pictures of the puppies 3 weeks.
All puppies are growing nicely, and are healthy.

Roma is doing a good job, and is happy with being a perfect mom :)


Put up pedigree sites on the main linkpage.



Pictures from the Specialty last weekend, is now up in the gallery


New picture of Chevy's Kahrma & Chevy's Kahn in Roma's littermates


Gigi's critique from the breed special:

 "16 months old, nice type, good scissors bite, good headplains, nice dark eye,

ears well placed, a little tall, good reach of neck, good topline but a touch long in back,

good bone, forechest needs development, moves irregular, excellent temperament"

EXC.1 Interm.Class, CK, 4th Best Female, judge: Paul Lawless



Kennel Certavia has a new website address.




News came in that Gigi's littermate Grimmendans Gabor was best male at the VDH Europasieger show in Dortmund, 03.05.2009
He then became Europasieger 2009. So now Gabor is: Bundesjugendsieger-08 VDH Europasieger-2009 VDH JCh Grimmendans Gabor.
Congratulations to Gabi Müller from us and Gigi!

Also new picture of Gabor at Gigi's littermates


New picture of Chevy's Kahriff & Chevy's Kahrisma in Roma's littermates





New pictures of the puppies 2 weeks!


This weekend our Grimmendans Gigi was shown at the Norw. Belgian Shepherd club specialty show in Rogaland,
she was 1.Exc Intermediate Class (Unghundklasse), CK and 4th best female.!!! Judge: Paul Lawless, breed specialist from Kennel Revloch, Ireland.

Critique and lots of pics will come soon.





All the puppies are now spoken for.


New link to:

Red Goblin's Dodge Viper & Fozaso's Navigator-MMVIII (S)



New pictures of the puppies 1 week.


Congratulations also to Paula & Firmin Aertgeerts, with their fantastic weekend at the international show in Goes, NL.
Grimmendans Erah got BOB and Grimmendans Fourlan (father of our puppies) was BOS and was awarded his last CAC,
and can now show to a new title: Dutch Champion!!!! Hugs from us all!!!!




Thank you all who have congratulated us on our first litter,

it warms our hearts that so many people take the time to care :)

All the puppies are doing well and growing rapidly.

More pics in a couple of days :)




Last night our puppies were born. Roma did a great job with her first litter,
and she manage to give us 4 boys and 3 girls.

Mother and babies are doing well.

A thank you goes to: Linda & Ronny, Torill and Alyn for help and guidance through Romas (and my) first birth.


Check out the puppy page




GREAT NEWS!!!! Ultrasound today showed that Roma is indeed pregnant!
So now we have to wait to about 18. April, to see how many and what is in there :D






The first show of the year is done.
01.March 2009 Grimmendans Gigi was shown at Nordhordland Hundeklubb (Nat.Show)
Judge: Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist (S)

"Exc. type, feminine, beautiful head and silhouette, exc. proportions,

exc. bone, nice feet, well angulated, moves with characteristic stride, exc. coat, manageable."


her result: 1.Exc Young class, R.CAC, 2nd best female


New pictures of Grimmendans Gigi


I have also forgotten to update that N UCh Chevy's Kahroma was nr.10 of all Tervueren in in dogshows in Norway 2008.




New link to:
Laila Aske & Kristian Sandvik w/ Chevy's Ganiaki, Certavia's Enterah & Chevy's Oakantoh (N)




New page in the Gallery:
Visit to Belgium 13-16.february, 2009



Finally the day came that we have been waiting for so long.
Friday 13. February, 2009, we left for Holsbeek, Belgium, to meet the gorgeous Grimmendans Fourlan.

Saturday 14. and Sunday 15. we got successful matings, and now we hope for puppies from our Chevy's Kahroma around 18.april 2009.

Check our puppy plans for more info.


I wish to thank Paula & Firmin Aertgeerts at Grimmendans kennel, for opening your home to us for the whole weekend (including Friday and Monday),
and letting me meet all those wonderful dogs. And of course a "thank you" to Dirk Spruyt and Myriam Vermeire (owners of the beautiful Grimmendans Erah),

for a lovely evening with great food :)


Pictures from our trip will come soon (have to look at about 800 pictures.....)




Big news :D Roma is finally in season. So maybe during next week we will go to Belgium and mate her to the Gorgeous Fourlan.
Check out our PUPPY PLANS


Also Kennel Lufaliva has one male puppy for sale


New link to kennel Mucius, (AUS)
New link to kennel Belengere (AUS)



We're waiting and waiting... And for those of you who are also waiting for Roma's season to come.... Still nothing....

Yes, I am impatient ;) And my dearest Roma knows it.... Just take a look below...



New link:
Linda Borlaug & Woodshine's Regal Swany and Domburg Knock 'Em Out (N)




Another girl needs a new home urgently:
Check her out!!!


Tervueren tispe søker nytt hjem. Haster, klikk her




First updates of the new year 2009:

Changed the menu a bit. So that it's easier to navigate between litters, puppies and future plans.

- Check under puppies, Kennel Breakpoint has 3 beautiful puppies for sale. Mother of this litter is also mother of the well-known Breakpoint's Grand Duc of Coke (father of Roma)

New links:

- Malipaws (FI)



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