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Grimmedans Gigi is Tervueren of the year in Hordaland region, for the 2nd year in a row!

New photos
Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart, thank you so much Sindi !!!

New link

Moments in time (AT)



Because of diffferent circumstances, we will have to change planned male for RH Chevy's Kahromas next litter.
Our PLANS page will be updated as soon as this is ready.

New picture
Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat




The pups has turned 8 weeks, and has moved to their new homes.
They all have their own pages now:

Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart
Nizhoni's Heart of Eternity
Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat (who has stayed at our place, she will be our new hope for the future)


New photos:
Chatmar First Ice Cracker - 13 mnd


New links:
Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart (D)
High Clearings Hjuma (who lives with Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart) (D)





Time flies... Puppies are 6 weeks. New photos



Puppies playing 5,5 weeks old




Four week photos of the puppies

New link:
Belgierblick - Enjamien vom Sondershäuser Kalikristall (D)




Three week photos of the puppies.




Two week photos of the puppies.



One week photos of the puppies. Sorry for the delay ;)

Silverskallet (S)
Casyka (NL)





Made a new page for our "HEART" litter, and statistic at LITTERS




The night to sunday, 17.october 2010, 1 boy an 2 girls were delivered by a ceasarian section (c-section)

All is well with mother and babies, now we are just enjoying the time as they grow.
Proud parents are: NUCH NV-08 Grimmendans Camlot and NUCH Grimmendans Gigi

New litter planned spring 2011 by RH N UCh Chevy's Kahroma




Time is coming closer to Gigi giving birth to her babies. Only 4 more days to her due date.

New pictures of:
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie
Nizhoni's Me First


VIDEO of Nizhoni's Me First. Thank you so much Kayleigh @ van Moned




This weekend was a double show in Bergen. We are very pleased with our results!!!

25.09.2010 - Norw.Belgian Shepherd Club Hordland, Special - judge Kris Malinowski (Lykos)

Nizhoni's First In Line - V.G. Intermediate Class
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie - 1.Exc Intermediate Class

NorwCh RH Chevy's Kahroma - 1.Exc Champion Class, CK, Best Female and BOS!!!!

26.09.2010 - Bergen Selskaps- og Brukshundklubb - judge Kitty Sjong
Nizhoni's First In Line - V.G. Intermediate Class
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie - 1.Exc Intermediate Class, CK, CAC (!!!) and 2nd Best Female! Congratulations Alyn!!! And this is the first CAC for a Nizhoni dog !!!

NorwCh RH Chevy's Kahroma - 1.Exc Champion Class




We have done an ultrasound check, and Grimmendans Gigi is most definately pregnant.
Now starts the long wait until the babies are born ;) Puppies due 15.October, 2010



Nizhoni's My First Pepsi: Hips-A, Elbows-0/0 (A)



Made a norwegian version of the website.

New pics of Nizhoni's First In Line

Nizhoni's My first Pepsi has had her hips x-rayed: A (free)

still waiting for the elbow results.



Gigi has been mated to the lovely Camlot
Puppies expected 15.October 2010. For more info: FUTURE
New pics of Grimmendans Gigi, thank you Karin Andersson, kennel Eternity!







This weekend we were at a double show in Nesbyen.

Saturday 31/7-10, Judge: Petr Rehanek, CZ
Nizhoni's First in Line - V.G.

N UCH Grimmendans Gigi - 1.EXC Champion class - Best Female - BOS
RH N UCH Chevy's Kahroma - 2.EXC Champion class - 3.Best female.

Sunday 1/8-10, Judge: Gunnel Holm, SF
Nizhoni's First in Line - 1.EXC Junior Class, HP
N UCH Grimmendans Gigi - 2.EXC Champion class
RH N UCh Chevy's Kahroma - 3.EXC Champion class




Plans updated


New photos:
Grimmendans Gigi

Chevy's Kahroma



Lots of new updates,

Nizhoni's First Born Barbie, Hips: A Elbows: 0/0 (A) !!! Congratulations Alyn :)

New pictures:
Chevy's Kahroma
Nizhoni's First In Line
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie
Nizhoni's My First Pepsi

Puppies page updated


Father of our "FIRST" litter, Grimmendans Fourlan has passed his Working test, so now he is also  Belgium Champion.
His "new" official name is: NL VDH BELG CH BDSG-08-09 GRIMMENDANS FOURLAN, congratulation Firmin & Paula!!!
Also his sister Grimmendans Erah became BELG CH :)

Father of Roma's next litter, Corsini Hunter, got his 3rd and last CC for his Championtitle. So he is now GB CH CORSINI HUNTER.
Congratulations to Amanda, Lyn and Cherry!!!!!!




Little late, but pictures from Hemsedal are up :)
Click here



New design to our website :)

Results from Hemsedal NBFK Clubshow 22.05-23.05.2010


22.05.2010 - Judge Firmin Aertgeerts:
Nizhoni's First in Line - 4.EXC Junior
23.05.2010 - Judge Laura Vassallo:
Nizhoni's First in Line - Very Good
Grimmendans Gigi - 4.EXC Champion
23.05.2010 - Judge Firmin Aertgeerts:
Chatmar First Ice Cracker - BOS Puppy

In short time there will be pictures from the show.


New link:
Taikatalven malinois (FI)





New pictures of:
Nizhonis First In Line




A new photogallery : Norwegian Kennelclub Kristiansand 08.05.10





New show result:

N UCh Grimmendans Gigi 3.EXC CK Championclass at NKK Kristiansand 08.05.10.
Judge was Birgita Kremser.

Some new pics of her. Thank you Linn Regine Johansen.




New pictures of

Nizhoni's First Love


Bloggen er oppdatert



New pics of:
Nizhoni's My First Pepsi





New pics of:
Nizhoni's First In Line
Nizhoni's Me First
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie
Chatmar First Ice Cracker



Thank you Anita & Randi, Tanja and Eli Andrea for these nice cards for Gigi's  BOB & Championtitle




Big hugs to you all!!!!





Grimmendans Gigi got EXC.1 Open Class, CAC and BOB today. This made her Norwegian Champion!
Thanks to judges Laura Vassallo, Jeff Luscott and Per Kristian Andersen.
Thank you to Firmin & Paula Aertgeerts of Grimmendans for this sweet girl.
Her critique is here

New pictures on her page




Happy birthday to Roma and all her brothers and sisters!!!






New pics of Chatmar First Ice Cracker - 6 months.
Thank you Alyn, for taking such good care of our boy.




New pics of
Nizhoni's First Class Hero

Also a new album on Tristan and Bravos pages with them playing together


New dogs in Groenendael Gallery:
A-Te-Ell's Axa Carnosa
A-Te-Ell's Black Bonzai
A-Te-Ell's Madame Urza
A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Yoda
A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Zantana
A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Zion





Gigi got CAC and Best of Breed at Nordhordland Hundeklubb today. Judge was Jeff Luscott:
Critique here

Thank you so much to Anita and Eli Andrea for these beautiful congratulation cards... !
I appreciate it :D




New pics:
Nizhoni's First Born Barbie
Chatmar First IceCracker




New pics:
Nizhoni's My First Pepsi
Nizhoni's First In Line


New link: von der Alten Rennkoppel (D) (expecting pups from Grimmendans Gabor, Gigi's brother)




Puppy page updated!




Change in Puppy Plans. Gigi will have her first litter in the end of 2010/beginning of 2011. Stay tuned for more info.





Puppy page updated!



New pics of Grimmendans Gigi


New pics of Nizhoni's First Love



New pics of Nizhoni's First In Line



New pics of Nizhoni's First Incredible Hulk



New pics of Nizhoni's Me First

New pics of Nizhoni's First Love




New pics of Nizhoni's Me First , Thank you so much Pat!

New pics of Nizhoni's First Born Barbie, Thank you so much Alyn!




We want to wish all our puppy-buyers, friends and aquaintances a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and best wishes for 2010.

The results from "Belgian of the Year" is in:
From the Norwegian Breed Club:
No.37 of 104 shown with CK (Cac Quality) Grimmendans Gigi (4 shows counting) (tervueren)
No.85 of 104 shown with CK (Cac Quality) RH NUCh Chevy's Kahroma (shown once) (tervueren)


From the Regional Breed Club:
no.1 (!!!) Grimmendans Gigi - Tervueren of the Year in Hordaland !!!!
no.6 - RH NUCh Chevy's Kahroma  


Puppy of the year in Hordaland (all varieties):
no.1 Nizhoni's First Love
no.4 Nizhoni's First in Line


New pictures of:
Chatmar First Icebreaker

Nizhoni's First in Line
Nizhoni's My First Pepsi


New link to:
Kiosan (S)
Tangterr (N)


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