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Last boy has left, good luck Jackson, Nizhoni's Lightning Thief, with your new life in USA,
Congratulations to Sheila Walker and Linda Fung (Blackwater Belgians) :) We miss him ALOT!!!
Thank you Karyn Cowdrey (Blackfyre Belgians) for picking him up at the airport !!!

New photos:

Nizhoni's Lightning Thief


Eternity's Gitane





N UCH Nizhoni's Timeless Design was shown 28.07 last day of the Skien Triple Show,
and was again BEST FEMALE and BOS!!! Congratulations Eli Andrea!


I still have the last boy left - Nizhoni's Lightning Thief - available to the right home.
Take a look HERE


New photos:

Nizhoni's Master Thief





Almost all the puppies have now left for their new homes, and reports are good from all.
Still hope I get some more pictures ;)

Yesterday Nizhoni got a new Champion
Congratulations to Eli Andrea Foss Baldersheim and Nizhoni's Timeless Design "Jolie"
Jolie is now Norwegian Champion on her first show after passing 2 years and CAC no.10
I am so very proud of the both of you!!!
And today she had her debut in the Champion class and the result:
Huge congratulations and best of luck tomorrow!!!

Made individual pages for the puppies:
Nizhoni's Lightning Thief
Nizhoni's Prince of Thieves
Nizhoni's Master Thief
Nizhoni's To Catch A Thief
Nizhoni's Thief In The Night

New photos:

Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat
Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart
Nizhoni's Heart of Eternity

Nizhoni's Timeless Design
Nizhoni's No Time For Tears

Eternity's Gitane




Another late update.

Finally got up some week by week photos of the puppies.
We have olive boy and pink girl available to the right homes.
For more info contact me:


Congratulations Eli Andrea and Nizhoni's Timeless Design with BOS and CAC 26.05.2013.
Way to go with a double win!


Pictures of the other dogs come later.




Sorry for the delayed update.
Gigi gave birth to 3 males + 3 females on 11 may.  Unfortunately one of the girls didn't make it longer than to 10 days.
She will be missed forever, and her name is Nizhoni's Stolen Moment <3

Look at PUPPIES for pictures of the babies as they grow


Today Nizhoni's Timeless Design was at a show in Bergen,
winning CAC and BOS !!! Congratulations Eli and Jolie!!

Updated puppy plans






Gigi is now 8 weeks pregnant, and getting big and heavy.
She's due any of the coming days now.
Can hardly wait.


New photos:
Eternity's Gitane


Grimmendans Gigi


Chevy's Kahroma




A 17 year dream has come true.
From the moment I first saw a picture of her father,
I started dreaming that one day I would have something from his line.
Today..... I have his daughter.....
Eternity's Gitane - daughter of the legendary, one and only, Grimm van de Hoge Laer!
Thank you, Karin & Jesper of kennel Eternity in Sweden for this special treasure.
And thank you to all that made it possible!!


07.04.2013 - NKK International show, Bergen, Judge: Helge-Werner Hagen
Nizhoni's Sands of Time - Exc1 intermediate class
Nizhoni's Timeless Design - Exc1 intermediate class, CK ,CAC, R.CACIB, 2nd Best Female


New photos:
Nizhoni's No Time for Tears





New photos:

Nizhoni's Follow Your Heart


Nizhoni's Me First

Nizhoni's No Time for Tears
Nizhoni's Timeless Design





March has really been the month for Nizhonis in the show ring!

First out:
2/3-13 - Nordhordland Hundeklubb - Knarvik - Judge: Dagmar Klein
Best Female - BOB (after 2,5 years away from the ring) NUCh RH Chevy's Kahroma
2nd Best female - CAC - Nizhoni's Timeless Design
VG - Nizhoni's Sands of Time

16/3-13 - AKC Show Louisville KC, KY, USA - Judge: Karen Johnson (Breeder judge)
Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for a 5 point major - Nizhoni's Three Times A Lady
She now needs only 1 more major for her AKC CH!

23/3-13 - UKC Show Clemont Ohio, USA - Judge: Laura Patton
Best male all varieties, Best of Breed all belgians and Best In Group (herding)
AKC CH Nizhoni's Me First, CA

24/3-13 - UKC Show Clemont Ohio, USA - Judge: Bab Hanna (BonCoeur)
Best male and finished his UKC CH !!!!!!
AKC / UKC CH Nizhoni's Me First, CA
HUGE congratulations to his owners Pat Morgan and Sheila Walker in USA!


New photos:

Nizhoni's Me First
Nizhoni's Sands of Time
Nizhoni's Three Times A Lady
Nizhoni's No Time For Tears
Nizhoni's Timeless Design

Grimmendans Gigi
Chevy's Kahroma
Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat




Last weekend Gigi and I took the trip to Gangster, and we had 3 successful matings.
So now we wait until 11.May, and hope that there are lots of beautiful little puplets inside her.

New photos:

Chatmar Ice Cracker




Gigi has finally started her season! Soon we will go to Gangster.
Puppies will hopefully be born in May 2013


More updates come later!





A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone stopping by our site


We are still waiting for Gigi's season, CHECK OUR PLANS


2013 started in a wonderful way,
Nizhoni's Showtime got his 3 legs in Rally Novice B in 2 weekends,
so now he can put an RN at the end of his name:
Nizhoni's Showtime RN
Thank you Elly McCarthy of Rockaway Tervuren for taking such good care
of him, and giving him such a full life!
Congratulations to you and Sheila Walker

2012 has been a fantastic year for the Nizhoni's

AKC CH and CA (lure coursing) (USA ) titles for Nizhoni's Me First in USA

Majors for Nizhoni's Showtime (USA) (8 pts towards his AKC CH)

Nizhoni's Three Times A Lady (USA)  (11 pts towards her AKC CH)

Grimmendans Gigi, Shown 13 times:  2 x Best in Specialty Show, 2 x group placed ,  7 x BOB , 3 x BOS, nr.3 in all of Norway,
nr.1 in our region all varieties and also for the 4th year in a row!
Nizhoni's Timeless Design shown 14 times: 1 x group placed, 1 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 5 x CAC, 1 x RCAC for breed specialist, 2 x CK for breed specialists, 1 x BOS puppy
Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat Shown 3 times: CK for breed specialist


Nizhoni's First Born Barbie shown 2 times: 1 x R.CACIB 2 x CK
Nizhoni's Sands of Time Shown 4 times:  2 x CK for breed specialist, 1 x CAC, 1 x group placed Puppy, 1 x BOB puppy
Nizhoni's No Time For Tears (S): BIS 3 Junior, BOB , CK for breed specialists
Nizhoni's Heart of Eternity (FI): CK
Chatmar Ice Cracker shown 1 time: 1 x CAC
Chatmar Ice Cracker also sired his first litter at kennel Fauve Art with Fauve Art OX Gabi, and mated Hexen House Awynh late December. Keeping our fingers crossed for puppies.

And this are the results for Belgian of the Year in Norway:

3 N UCh Grimmendans Gigi   87,5 p
9 Nizhoni's Timeless Design   44,5 p
59 N UCh Nizhoni''s First Born Barbie   6,5 p
69 Chatmar Ice Cracker   5 p
90 Nizhoni's Sands of Time   2 p


Belgian of the Year in HORDALAND:


1 N UCh Grimmendans Gigi   87,5 p
2 Nizhoni's Timeless Design   44,5 p
7 Nizhoni's Sands of Time   2 p



Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat 



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