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We have suffered more losses since the last update.

24.11.2015 - Jolie - NUCH Nizhoni's Timeless Design had too much pain and had to be put to sleep.

And on 09.03.2017 I had to say goodbye to my precious bestfriend Roma.
RH NUCH Chevy's Kahroma had to give in to her illness and pain, and I had to make the worst decision I have
ever made. Sleep well my dear, I will never forget you. Thank you for everything.


There will be no more Nizhoni litters in the near future.

Litter page have been updated with the latest info.






A short update on the website.


We have suffered a great and unexpected loss,
NUCH Nizhoni's Sands of Time, "Fry", was taken away from us much too young.
Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolances to his owners in this hard time.

We are all heartbroken.



Unfortunately Facebook have taken over the functionality of the website, so many updates are mainly there.
But I will keep the website alive to keep track of health results and pictures.

If you want to follow us on Facebook, look us up :)


No new plans for any puppies in the near future, but Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat "Perla" will have her first litter
this year with her Co-owner at kennel Kvina.








Lots of updates across the pages.
Mostly pictures and results :)

Had a chance to go to USA in April, and was so lucky to meet 4 of my 5 USA Nizhoni babies!!!
Take a look at the different pages to see the photos.


Congratulations to ALL NIZHONI'S that have done well both at home, abroad and in breeding.
I am so proud of all of you, no matter what you do in life.

Unfortunately due to my life situation, I've had to cancel my breeding plans for the coming year or 2.
Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat "Perla" will have her first litter with her co-owner Kennel Kvina in 2015





I am very very sorry for a very late update.

2014 didn't start very well on a personal level, and 2013 was a busy busy year.

So to a little recap of 2013:

Firstly, congratulations to owners and handler of Nizhoni's Me First "Stellar"
He was #10 Belgian Tervueren in USA, and showed to be an AKC Grand Champion with several BOB and Group placements in 2013
2014 started super for Melissa and Stellar, with winning Award of Merit at the prestigeous Westminster Kennel Club.

Nizhoni's Timeless Design "Jolie" was crowned Norwegian Champion in 2013, and was also Tervueren of the Year in our region and #17 in Norway.
Congratulations Eli Andrea!


The puppies from last years litter is growing up nicely, I have added some photos around the pages of both my breeding and my own dogs.

Please, if you find anything missing, don't hesitate to let me know :)



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