Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat




Female, born: 17. October, 2010
dead: 31.May 2019 (inflammatory mammary carcinoma)

Sleep well, my protector and guardian angel.
The dog with the biggest heart and the biggest smile.
I will always keep you close to my heart.


 Owned and lives with: Iselin Wang, kennel Nizhoni, Bergen, Norway
co-owner: Alyn Johansen, kennel Kvina, Norway

Bite: Complete, scissor
Hips/Elbows: HD-A , ED-0/0 (A)
Seizure free to date
62 cm

Shows: EXC + CK (for breed specialist)
2014 - CAC for Meike Krug, D (vom Westensee)
2015 - R.CAC for Cath Bond, UK (Chatmar)